Hoarder Cleanout

Our professional cleanout services are perfect for taking care of hoarding, clutter, and junk, no matter how big or small the job is. We’re happy to take care of your junk so that you can get back to living in the uncluttered space you deserve.

As a fully certified and licensed junk cleanout company, we have the perfect team for the job. We follow environmentally friendly practices and also work to protect your privacy.

Whether we’re cleaning out your hoard or a friend’s or a family member’s, we ensure your privacy is respected by not displaying hoarding on any of our vehicles. You can rest assured that we’ll take care of the problem, without your neighbors finding out.

All of our team members are there to help you, so you can expect to be treated in a friendly, non-judgmental way while we’re cleaning.

With eco-friendly practices, we make sure to properly dispose of and treat everything we pick up. If something can be recycled or donated, we take it to the right place. We also know how to treat toxic waste and chemicals and utilize protective gear in our work to avoid infection.

Hoarding cleanup requires effective planning and the right equipment for the best results, so don't dive into it without consulting our highly trained technicians.


There are lots of benefits to cleaning out a hoarder’s pile. When you hire a professional company like ours, you benefit from quick service and trustworthy professionals.

Hoarding disorder can cause both physical and emotional pain, often crippling one's mental health. This disorder can also affect relationships with family members. When a hoarding pile becomes too big, objects can become a falling hazard and damage the structure of your home.

Perishable items may rot within the pile and lead to even further problems like pest infestations. Animal waste or dead animals left in the pile can become serious health hazards.

Hoarder cleanouts make your home an enjoyable space once again. With the mental and physical pain of hoarding piles gone, you’re free to return to your life. As an unexpected bonus, it's not uncommon to even locate lost jewelry or find some hidden money amidst all your personal belongings.

When you hire us, you know that we'll come to complete the job on time and quickly. As a professional cleaning company, we know the best methods for taking care of your hoard, making the whole process less stressful for you.

Depending on the job, you may even have your space back within a day. What may have taken you weeks or months to clean can be completed by our professional team for a fair price and in much less time.


There are many companies, but not all of them have our experience and our caring attitude. All of our team members are respectful of everyone involved and won’t make you feel judged. You’ll be respected in your own home and only feel like you’re getting a new start.

With years of experience and professional training, our team members are knowledgeable on the proper ways to handle any type of junk. Even if it’s biohazardous or bodily fluids, our team is equipped to take care of it.

Unlike some other haulers, we sort everything we pick up and make sure proper debris removal is done in an environmentally friendly manner. Your hoard won’t end up in a landfill unless our team doesn’t find any other option for it. Even then, everything will be treated safely, and you won’t have to pay extra to make sure it’s delivered wherever it needs to be.

Our team is around to answer your questions at any point in the process. Whether you’re just looking to ask some questions, you want to book a time and date, or we’ve already left with your hoard, our customer service representatives are happy to assist you. With quick, responsive service, you’ll never feel like you can’t get a hold of our team.

Hoarder Cleaning Service FAQs

How Long Does the Cleanout Take?
Most cleanout jobs take a day, though it can take longer if the hoard is particularly large or presents unique challenges. Our team makes sure you have a clear understanding of how long the process will take before we arrive or charge you, so you don’t have to worry about being caught off guard.
What if There Are Valuable Items In the Hoard?
All of our team members are trained to recognize and set aside any salvageable items or items of value. If you know of specific items, we can keep an eye out to make sure we don’t accidentally take them away.
How Much Do Your Services Cost?
To ensure the fairest price, we provide individual quotes that are suited to each unique situation. If you’re interested in learning how much a cleanout will cost, feel free to contact us today, and we’ll provide you with an obligation-free quote estimate.

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Leave the laborious task of hoarding cleanout to our highly trained technicians. With our experience and understanding approach, we know just how to plan out a successful and effective cleanout process with thorough deep cleaning and detailed execution.

Trust us to remove clutter and give you the cleaning help you need and give you the clean and uncluttered space you deserve once again.