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Our Foreclosure Cleanout Service

Having an empty home to put on the housing market is crucial. No one wants to visit a house that still holds the previous owner’s belongings, but cleaning out a whole home can be a challenging job. There may be hidden hoards, some parts of the home may be damaged, and the home itself may be extremely dirty.

We know that having a clean and empty home is a vital step in the selling process which is why we offer quick and full-service cleanouts. No matter the size of the home, we have you covered.

Our services include ridding the home of junk, hoards, and personal belongings. We won’t just clear out the debris left. Even on bigger jobs, we ensure that we leave the home fully cleaned out and ready for sale. By the time we’ve finished, no one will be able to tell that the home was once covered in garbage or filled with personal belongings.

What is Foreclosure Cleanout?

Any home needs a good cleaning before it is sold, but foreclosed homes often need more. To ensure a home is cleaned and empty before viewing, real estate agents and banks will often hire a cleanout service to take care of all the garbage and belongings that have been left behind.

A complete foreclosure cleanout requires more than just some landscaping and maintenance work, but not every company will offer all the necessary services.

Foreclosed homes and properties will often be left covered in garbage, junk, or personal belongings. Whether the former homeowners were hoarders or just didn’t take all their things with them, it’s often left to the possessor to take care of the leftover junk or abandoned furniture. Foreclosure cleanout companies like us are called in to solve this problem.

Professional foreclosure cleanout services can quickly and safely haul off all the garbage and belongings that have been left behind. Except for hazardous waste or materials, many companies are licensed to take care of everything from trash to sofas to non-functioning appliances.

When You Need a Foreclosure Cleanout

The foreclosure cleaning process is no small feat. Some people decide to invest in foreclosed homes because they think they’ll be an easy way to make a profit, but a lot of work needs to be done before it’s sold. Even banks and real estate professionals understand the heavy workload and often decide to hire professionals to take care of it.

Foreclosed homes are almost always left with garbage and belongings scattered around the property. Some homes may be in better shape than others, but you’ll pretty much always need a full cleanout service before you can consider reselling the home.

Even if a foreclosed home appears to be in decent shape, you should always consider hiring a professional to come give it a look. Foreclosed homes are often the result of someone being unable to pay their mortgage, which can often lead to being unable to pay for basic maintenance.

There are some cases where a foreclosed home is left in good enough shape that a DIY cleaning job will do the trick. This is incredibly rare, though, and even with a full day of cleaning and a small team to help you, many DIY cleaning jobs still won’t leave a foreclosed home as clean or tidy as a professional foreclosure cleanout will.

Cleaning a foreclosed home or property isn’t only about dusting, sanitizing, and sweeping. When it comes to foreclosed homes, a full cleanout involves removing graffiti, removing trash and left behind personal belongings, and repairing other damage done to the property.

Since foreclosure cleanouts involve more than simple janitorial work, hiring someone to take care of it is often in your best interest. If you’re pressed for time, this is especially true. Foreclosure cleanout companies work fast and have a home looking picture-ready sooner than any DIY job.

Cleaning and Restoring Foreclosed Properties

It's crucial to have a strategy when it comes to cleaning a foreclosed home or property. Big jobs can’t be completed without first creating a plan of attack which is why all our team members are trained to follow a comprehensive cleaning plan.

We don’t dive into foreclosure jobs haphazardly. We understand the sheer amount of work necessary on a foreclosed property, and we come fully prepared to handle it.

Many foreclosed properties usually don’t have a history of regular upkeep and maintenance. As such, they tend to be the most challenging type of cleanout and restoration job. While busy banks and realtors may not have the time to strategize and plan a way to attack the problem, professional companies have the time, means and expertise to do so.

There are three main things to keep in mind when cleaning and restoring a foreclosed home or property.

Why Hire a Professional Service

Foreclosure cleanouts are challenging. Without the right experience or enough time, you’ll likely get frustrated with the job and leave it only half-finished. With a foreclosure cleanout company, you won’t have to worry about the many challenges involved or how much valuable time you’ll have to spend cleaning..

There are many benefits to hiring a professional cleanout service, in addition to getting your time back.

When you hire a professional cleanout service, you don’t have to worry about taking care of the household junk that’s hauled away. We take care of any sorting and ensure that anything recyclable goes to recycling while the rest of the junk is taken to the proper facility. You don’t have to worry about where the leftover junk is taken to as our experts have it all taken care of.

DIY cleaning jobs can take a while, especially when it comes to a foreclosure cleanout. However, with a professional service, you benefit from quick and proper cleaning. Our cleanout team works efficiently to restore the home and get it ready for the market.

As our professionals are all certified and trained, they know how to correctly manage garbage and all the junk. Sometimes, left behind debris can pose a health hazard. A professional company will know how to safely take care of it without risking their health.

Why Choose Us

Choosing the right professional foreclosure cleanout service for your foreclosed property can ensure that you get the best results and service. It’s crucial to choose a company that understands what you need done and can complete the job when you need it done. As a professional cleanout company, we pride ourselves on meeting deadlines, addressing our clients’ needs, and completing any job we take on.

Our professionals are fully insured and certified. When you choose us to clean your property, you won’t have to worry about insurance risks or an amateur job. We ensure that every one of our team members is fully trained before sending them to a job. You can always expect professional results.

With quick turnaround times and high-quality work, you won’t be disappointed in our services. We work hard to complete every job when we say we will, so you don’t have to change your plans.

We understand that some jobs may be scheduled last minute, but we still strive to offer top notch cleaning services. Even on short notice jobs, we work hard and leave the foreclosed property in clean, marketable condition.

We strive to offer our clients fair and reasonable prices. We offer free estimates with no strings attached so that you can make an informed decision. We don’t believe in hiding fees or convincing you to pay more than you agreed to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions before you commit?
Here are our most frequently asked questions to help answer some of your questions.
If you don’t find the answer here, feel free to get in touch with our team!
Q. How long does it take to clean a foreclosed home?
There’s no precise way to estimate how long a cleanout will take. Larger properties will obviously take longer to clean than smaller properties, but we can offer a more accurate estimate once we know the exact size of the property. Some factors that often influence the length of time it takes to clean the property are the amount of debris and junk left behind, larger items that need to first be disassembled, and if special removal techniques are needed. As a general rule, larger properties may take a few days to clean, whereas small apartments may take a few hours. We’ll be able to give you a more accurate time frame once we know more about your job.
Q. Do you have environmentally friendly cleanout options?
All of our cleanout services are environmentally friendly. We take great care to separate the collected garbage and belongings so that it doesn’t all end up in a landfill. We work with recycling centers to recycle what can be recycled and donate items still in good condition. Our team members are all informed of the best eco friendly waste disposal methods. We take everything to the right facility at no extra charge to you.
Q. What can you remove?
Our trained professionals can take care of anything left cluttering foreclosed properties. With the exception of hazardous waste, we’ll pack up and haul off everything that doesn’t belong on the property: old clothes, trash, junked cars or boats, broken appliances, and anything else!

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